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HDTV Technology Review


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It's a Must-Have

You might think you have the whole story about HDTV until you thumb through its amazing fact-filled pages. With this annual masterpiece, author Rodolfo La Maestra has secured his place in the Pantheon of HDTV educators. Please provide your feedback to Rodolfo so that he can continue to improve the product.

What Is It?

The HDTV Technology Review is a comprehensive (and searchable) desk reference detailing to the Nth degree all existing and near-future HDTV technologies and H/DTV products. The report provides a clear explanation of the present and emerging HDTV technologies incorporated in these products as well as a seasoned assessment of their respective strengths and weaknesses and their likely market successes or failures. From politics to markets, the report unerringly delivers an up-to-the-minute overview of the entire state of the industry.

Who Should Buy It?

While the report will influence millions of information seeking consumers, we know that centers-of-influence can and will take best advantage of its accumulated knowledge first. If you are a professional in television, movies, displays, distribution or any part of the retail chain, you owe it to yourself to own a copy. If you are a passionate evangelist for HDTV from any of the diversified business or cultural sectors, this report is perfectly suited to you. While challenging (due to its scope) to a general audience, those consumers who demand the best in information need look no further, for they have found the mother lode in this report.

A product of this level could easily sell for twenty times the asking price, but Rodolfo wants no barriers erected to knowledge about his passion, and ours -- HDTV. It's a bargain, plain and simple.

Order the HDTV Technology Review now while it is still fresh in your mind.

We have several sections of this year's report available at absolutely no cost whatsoever.

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Also available are the complete reports from previous years ... each at no cost:

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