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I just can’t help it. Sometimes, I hear about HDTV deals that just are too good to let go by without a mention. I recently received an email from the PR firm that works for Westinghouse Digital, which is known for its low-priced LCD HDTV offerings. So let’s play “The Price is Right” and see if you can get the price right on this one.

First, the retailer in question is Costco, and the offer is only available online. (Here’s the link, but don’t click on it yet until you’ve made your guess.) It’s for a 42″ LCD HDTV. The resolution is 1080p, of course, and it has a 120 Hz refresh rate which is a plus. It comes with a pair of HDMI inputs. Okay, what’s the price? I would not be surprised by a price under $600, and maybe even under $500.

But wait; there’s one more detail. This HDTV has an LED backlight that reportedly draws 20% less electricty than a standard 100 Watt incandescent light bulb. What does that do to your guess? It’s edge-lit, so the set is specified as 1.5″ thick. Given the price of LED backlit LCD HDTVs, I’d probably double my initial estimate. How about you?

Well, now through October 10, or until Costco.com runs out of them, you can get one for $599.99, which is $70 less than the usual online price. Now, I have not seen one of these units in person, so I can’t offer any comments about picture quality or other features. But if you want a thin, LED-edgelit LCD HDTV, this could be worth checking out.

Posted by Alfred Poor, September 20, 2010 6:00 AM

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