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There’s another network media player on the market. Boxee has been available as a free service that you can download to your computer (which you then hook up to your TV), but now the Boxee Box is shipping for $199. While it is priced higher than other products–such as Apple TV or the various Roku models–it has more features. For example, flip over the remote control to find a convenient QWERTY keypad. It has a slot for SD memory cards so you can watch a slide show of the photos from your digital camera. And it reportedly has more applications and provides access to more TV episodes than the other products do.

Internet-connectivity has become a hot feature for new HDTVs, but people who recently bought their HDTVs aren’t ready to upgrade to a new set yet. The Boxee Box gives you a powerful way to add these features to an existing television for a fraction of the cost of a new set.

Posted by Alfred Poor, November 15, 2010 5:00 AM

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