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At the NAB show last week, RCA demonstrated three new portable LCD TVs. All run on battery or AC power, and both can pick up standard ATSC digital television broadcast signals. What makes these two models particularly interesting is that they also can receive the new Mobile DTV signals (that I discussed last week).

Two models have 3.5″ LCD screens: DMT335R and DMT336R. The 335R model runs on AA batteries and has a list price of $119. The 336R model has built-in rechargeable batteries and also receives FM radio, with a list of $159. The DMT270R has a 7″ widescreen WVGA LCD display and rechargeable batteries, and a list price of $179.

I have not seen these products in person, but at these prices, I don’t expect that you’ll get top-of-the-line LCD panels in them; they clearly are not high definition displays. Still, they should fill the need for a battery powered television for your emergency storm kit, and can give you a relatively low cost way to explore the new Mobile DTV services if they are available in your market. For entertainment on the go or information updates when the power goes out, these could be very handy.

Posted by Alfred Poor, April 19, 2011 6:00 AM

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