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Yesterday, Hulu announced that it has upgraded its viewing screen. The biggest news is that the viewing window is now 55% larger, and it’s displayed with a drop shadow against a nice, neutral gray background. (Apparently that is called a “video matte” in the trade; who knew?) Video details appear below the viewing window, and the interface is been tidied up in general.

I think it’s great that Hulu cares and is putting the effort into this upgrade. And I agree that this looks better. But it really does not have much impact on how I use or enjoy Hulu content. As soon as I start watching a program, I immediately switch to full-screen mode. After a brief pause, the playback controls and everything else fades away and I’m left with just the program content. So while it’s nice that Hulu has freshened up the screen, I might not have noticed if they had not pointed it out.

Tell me, am I crazy? Am I the only one out there who would rather watch streaming content in full-screen without the rest of the clutter? Let me know at alfred@hdtvprofessor.com.

Posted by Alfred Poor, March 16, 2012 6:00 AM

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