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Broadcast HDTV Market : Rockford

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Below you will find all of the broadcast stations for the Rockford market that are currently carrying Digital content, either as Standard or High Definition. Click the numbered marker next to each station to zoom to that station and pull up the station's information.

Please note that you may not see corresponding markers for all station listed on the left, since many stations either share towers, or have them in clusters. Clicking on each of the markers along the left will indicate on which antenna the station is located, along with height and power information.

If you have a home address defined in your profile, it will be displayed on the map along with distance and bearing information for each station.

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NBC WREX-DT Ch. 13.1
8451.99 mi, 351°
CW WREX-DT Ch. 13.2
8451.99 mi, 351°
IND WREX-DT Ch. 13.3
8451.99 mi, 351°
ABC WTVO-DT Ch. 17.1
8451.23 mi, 351°
MNT WTVO-DT Ch. 17.2
8451.23 mi, 351°
CBS WIFR-DT Ch. 23.1
8451.88 mi, 351°
IND WIFR-DT Ch. 23.2
8451.88 mi, 351°
FOX WQRF-DT Ch. 39.1
8451.23 mi, 351°
* All antenna information is provided by the Consolidated Database System (CDBS) via the FCC's Media Bureau.
Power is Effective Power and Height is the height above ground of the radiation center.