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Panasonic Launches Full Suite of Large Format Full HD 3D Plasma Displays

85", 103" and 152"—World's Largest—Plasma All Available by January 2011

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Panasonic Solutions Company, provider of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, today marked the formal introduction of the highly anticipated Panasonic TH-152UX1 152-inch, 4K x 2K (4096 x 2160) resolution Full HD 3D plasma display, the world's largest1, at InfoComm. Equivalent to nine 50-inch screens, this stunning 17:9 display will immerse spectators in life-like, three-dimensional images and can illustrate even oversized products with life-size views.

Panasonic Solutions Company is also announcing the TH-103VX200U and TH-85VX200U, 3D versions of its premium 103-inch and 85-inch plasma displays. These products will ship in December 2010, at suggested list prices of $65,000 and $45,000, respectively. The TH-152UX1 is targeted to be available in January 2011.

Ideal for a broad spectrum of cutting-edge applications, the three new Full HD 3D large-format plasmas are designed for utilization in corporate environments (e.g., for 3D CAD proposals, where life-sized 3D simulations could improve design accuracy and flexibility); in commercial applications (e.g., car showrooms or real estate offices for virtual-reality customer demos); healthcare (where the ultra-large panels and Full-HD display performance could be used to supply high-level medical solutions in advanced healthcare environments and teaching hospitals); in home theatres and screening rooms; for digital signage in public facilities; in education and in entertainment staging.

Several breakthrough technologies enable the 3D displays' Full-HD images and even improve 2D performance. Panasonic's 3D ultra high-speed drive technology and new motion prediction technology eliminate crosstalk (ghosting) between left and right images to produce super fine crisp images, and facilitate an overwhelming, near-infinite contrast ratio of 5,000,000:12, around twice the tone gradation of conventional models3, as well as excellent color reproduction. A 30-bit Color Processing Engine provides super-accurate color reproduction and a color management system that features high-precision pixel conversion and color signal-processing technology, high definition broadcast-compliant color reproduction, and professional picture quality adjustment that allows the displays to be set up to suit their viewing environments perfectly. The result is studio monitor-like performance with reproduction of the detail and texture of the original images with near perfection.

The three displays also incorporate video processing technology to allow for the crisp, smooth playback of images originally recorded in 24p, such as movies recorded on film. This raises the video reproduction performance of the plasma display panels allowing for true-to-life reproduction of colorful, high-precision content in either 3D or 2D.

Addressing diverse customer needs, the displays have been outfitted with a SLOT 2.0 function whereby different terminal boards may be inserted, providing compatibility with interfaces such as DVI4 and HD-SDI4, and facilitating use in a wide array of professional operating environments.

Panasonic Leadership in 3D

At the forefront of 3D technology, Panasonic markets Full HD 3D plasma televisions, Blu-ray 3D players, and is also contributing to the production and spread of 3D content. The company has launched a twin-lens professional 3D camcorder which will be available in September, and has already opened the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory Advanced Authoring Center for the authoring and recording of 3D movies onto Blu-ray Discs.

On June 3, Panasonic established the Panasonic 3D Innovation Center, a contact point for customers working in the 3D business. The professional 3D business has seen growing demand for a wide range of 3D system solutions to meet the needs of the customers as fully as possible. Panasonic will use this Center to develop closer relationships with customers, and will offer total solutions with even more compelling 3D technologies and services.

Panasonic aims to accelerate 3D-based innovation within global professional markets, so that the company may lead a 3D industry revolution by creating new home viewing environments and a new video industry based around 3D plasma displays.

For more information on Panasonic professional plasma displays, please visit www.panasonic.com/proplasma

About Panasonic Solutions Company

Panasonic Solutions Company empowers people whose jobs depend on reliable technology. The company delivers collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for customers in government, healthcare, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Products and services within the company's portfolio include Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computing solutions, projectors, professional displays (including both plasma and LCD), and HD video acquisition and production solutions. As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Panasonic is known for the reliability and longevity of its products. Panasonic Solutions Company is a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, which is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC).

All brand and company/product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Information on Panasonic Solutions Company's full line of products can be obtained by calling 877- 803-8492 or at www.panasonic.com/business-solutions.

[Notes on terms]

1: As of June 9, 2010. Panasonic survey panel.

2: Dark contrast ratio for simultaneous display within a single screen. Maximum value measured in Dynamic video mode for a white signal with a window of 4%.

3: Compared with PF12 Series full HD plasma display panels launched by Panasonic in FY'09

4: Function board available separately as an optional extra. Compatible with 2D signals only.

Posted by Shane Sturgeon, June 9, 2010 2:34 PM

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