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In a survey conducted by The Nielsen Company of 425 randomly-selected participants, 57% percent of people cited the need for 3D glasses as a reason they were not likely to buy a set. Also, nearly nine in 10 people worry that it will constrain them from multitasking while the TV is on. (Ever use your TV like a radio? Or glance in periodically on the news or a big game while doing something else, like making dinner?)

We'll take a pass on the glass...

The survey has not been officially posted to Nielsen’s Web site yet, but the results were reported by the Associated Press on numerous Web outlets after they were released on Friday.

According to Nielsen, the percentage of survey participants who said they were interested in buying a 3D TV during the next year decreased when these willing consumers were given a hands-on demonstration of how 3D TV works.  Participants were also concerned there is not enough 3-D programming available yet to make a 3D TV purchase worthwhile.

On the plus side, half the participants who tried out 3D TV said it was a better experience than they had expected, while 70% of game enthusiasts expressed interest in playing 3D games. More than three-quarters said 3D viewing is best-suited to special events like sports or movies than regular TV viewing.

The survey had a ± 5% margin of error.

Posted by Pete Putman, September 12, 2010 1:54 PM

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