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Remember how I said that the price of the $200 active glasses would come down sooner or later? I was expecting that to come from the third-party vendors, but it looks as though the top brands are willing to make pre-emptive price cuts in order to increase 3DTV sales.

Samsung has announced that it will start providing two pairs of active glasses in the box with their entire 3DTV line-up. That’s certainly welcome news, but even better is the fact that they will offer additional pairs for less than $50 each.

There are lots of studies being reported about 3DTV sales in the U.S. and why (or why not) the technology is a major disappointment for the manufacturers and retailers. I still have not seen any evidence that contradicts my original opinion; the average consumer is not going to get a new 3DTV until there is compelling content. Even then, they will pay only a limited premium for the feature. I still expect that by the time 3D content reaches critical mass, competition will have driven the cost of 3D support in televisions down and it will become a standard feature on all major brand models, just as 120 Hz has for LCD HDTVs.

Posted by Alfred Poor, April 11, 2011 6:00 AM

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